Water Budgets and Rates

Western Water makes sure that every customer receives a personalized water budget designed to meet their specific indoor and outdoor water needs for each billing period.

Your water budget is designed to meet your individual needs

Your personalized water budget means that no matter the size of your household or yard, you should be able to remain within your total monthly water budget and pay the lowest available prices (Tier 1 and Tier 2) when you use water efficiently. Residential water budgets are calculated based on the number of days in the billing cycle, the number of people in the household, your irrigated landscape area, and localized weather data, among other factors.

Efficient water use is rewarded with lower bills

Most customers are able to stay within their water budget for the billing period, and they are billed at the lowest rates (Tier 1-2). When customers stay within budget, Western Water can meet their indoor water demand (Tier 1) with our limited local supply, which costs much less to deliver than imported water supplies. This keeps the Tier 1 rate as low as possible.

Customers are billed in the higher tiers (Tiers 3-4) when they exceed their total water budget for the billing period. When you use more water than is needed and go over your water budget, Western Water must purchase more costly imported water supplies to meet the excess demand.

Fairness for all customers and customer support

Western's Water's budget structure guarantees that customers who use water efficiently are not expected to cover the costs of delivering the more costly imported water that it takes to meet the needs of less efficient users. In other words, if you exceed your water budget, expect to pay the added cost of transporting and delivering this more expensive water supply.

Western Water uses rate funding collected in the higher rate tiers to deliver water use efficiency support programs that help customers manage their water use and stay within their water budget. We want to see all customers using water as efficiently as possible while receiving the lowest-priced water.

Learn more about our water use efficiency support programs that can help you stay within your budget.

Watch this video to learn about how your individual water budget is calculated.

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