Winter Storms Preparedness

Winter Storm Masthead
With winter almost upon us, Western is taking action now to prepare. Residential and business customers can also take steps to prepare for the rains, especially in light of the state’s multi-year drought conditions. In addition to being ready for the upcoming winter storm season, Western encourages our customers to make the most out of the rain and turn off outdoor irrigation. This winter’s rainfall from the storms can be enough to let California water-friendly plants thrive for many months.

Tips to Prepare for Winter Storms

  • Cut back on fall and winter watering and turn off irrigation systems during the rain and for about a week after
  • Check for loose tiles/shingles or places where debris is collecting (these spots are where rainwater can collect)
  • Check rain gutters to make sure that they are clear from leaves and debris
  • Trim trees lightly to allow winds to safely pass through and lessen the chance of limbs falling 
  • Stock up on sandbags – which are available at city and county fire stations
  • Check for stains and spots on the ceiling, which may indicate a leak
  • Develop an emergency plan

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