Your Water Budget Matters

Your water budget is designed to meet your individual needs.

Western Water makes sure that every customer receives a personalized water budget designed to meet their specific indoor and outdoor water needs. Understanding how your outdoor water budget changes with the weather will help you take action to keep water use within your budget.

As the days become shorter and the nights become cooler, plants and grass go dormant – needing less water to stay alive throughout the fall and winter months. As a result, your outdoor water budget decreases.

Help us, help you! 

Here’s how you can take action to change with the weather:

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Switch it up!

Change out old sprinkler heads for water-efficient nozzles or upgrade to a weather-based irrigation controller.

Apply for an enhanced device rebate

Vector Smart Object-1Cut it out!

Decrease your daily irrigation schedule by minutes or cut days off your weekly irrigation schedule.

Learn how to water for cool weather

Vector Smart Object-2Take it out!

Consider different landscaping options. Replace turf with a water-efficient design.

View Landscapes with Style

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You can go days without watering after a proper rain shower. Get automated with a weather-based irrigation controller or a leak detection device.

Apply for an enhanced device rebate