Solve the Water Crisis

A statewide coalition to secure California's water future.

Unpredictable weather. Multi-year drought. Dwindling snowpack. Vanishing runoff. Intense atmospheric rivers. Increased flood risks. Extreme heat and catastrophic wildfires. Conditions Californians know all-too-well. What California policymakers and their constituents do not know well is that California is in the middle of a severe water supply crisis.

This existential threat to California’s future economic stability, security, and growth, as well as its environmental legacy, has been exacerbated by insufficient State investment in infrastructure and regulatory logjams resulting in the acceleration of reduced water supply reliability. 

The trajectory of this crisis must be reversed. California’s future hangs in the balance.

Solve the Water Crisis Coalition, through a critically needed education effort, will bring into sharp focus the ongoing water supply crisis that is already impacting residents’ quality of life, economic growth, community health, and the environment, as well as risking California’s future. By raising awareness among California policymakers and thought leaders, Solve the Water Crisis Coalition will demonstrate the enormous water supply crisis and the urgency that requires bold and immediate State action to secure California’s future.

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