OutreachOutreach to our customers is important to Western.

We have a proud legacy of careful stewardship of public funds entrusted for the purpose of ensuring safe, reliable supplies of water. A part of that stewardship is providing information to our customers about many points of interest and concern such as efficiency, water reliability and financial stability.

Western's Community Affairs Office is responsible for the development of the District’s public affairs, legislative programs and initiatives. We engage in policy dialogue with state and federal legislators in order to influence the political process for the benefit of our customers, as well as monitoring state and federal legislation that may have an impact on operations.

Our outreach team develops programs and information for our efficiency programs and water reliability initiatives such as groundwater desalting and regional water rights. We also have educational programs to help students and teachers engage with water. Programs include the Lois B. Krieger Grants and Solar Cup. Providing our customers and the regional community with information via presentations to community service organizations and other groups is done throughout the year.

Contact us at Outreach@wmwd.com

Strategic Communications Plan

Strategic Communications Plan