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Integrate Water Into Your Lesson Plans  

Integrating water into your daily lesson plan is easy to do if you're an educator teaching in western Riverside County. Local water purveyors provide a full-service program that meets the requirements of California Public Schools' science framework. And as an added bonus, all programs are free-of-charge to teachers and students in both public and private schools in grades K-12. 
This level of support is offered by a group of nine water agencies that are committed to encouraging children to develop an early appreciation of water. Western Municipal Water District provides funding. The Water Education Advisory Council of Western Riverside County, formed in 1995, recognizes that water education is important in life. It needs to be in Southern California, where we have an average annual rainfall of 10 to 15 inches and face limited water resources and increasing population growth.  

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We're here to help you make teaching your students about one of our most precious resources easier. If you're an educator in western Riverside County and would like more program information, please contact at 951.571.7259.