Water Supply Conditions

Record winter storms pull California from catastrophic drought conditions

Western Water rolls back drought restrictions after record-breaking storms 

After a wet winter, Western Municipal Water District (Western Water) rolled back drought restrictions due to significantly improved water supply conditions across the state during their Board meeting on May 17, 2023, concluding that the stricter stage 2 drought restrictions were no longer needed.
Under Stage 1, Western Water maintains its permanent water use efficiency regulations, urging customers to continue reducing water use by up to 10 percent. This includes watering landscapes between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. and regularly inspecting irrigation systems for leaks and damaged sprinklers. Customers are encouraged to adopt additional water-saving practices like installing self-adjusting, weather-based irrigation controllers and replacing old appliances with certified low-flow alternatives. 

To make water-efficient lifestyles easier, Western Water offers a variety of customer support programs that provide even more money-saving rebates for replacing water-thirsty lawns and inefficient home appliances. The program includes free landscape efficiency surveys and easy-to-follow DIY landscape sample designs

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While we work to bolster our water supplies, we still need our customers to continue their water-saving efforts. Using water wisely, even during wet years, will help stretch those supplies as far as possible.

We are here to help. Take advantage of our many customers support programs and rebates.
Go to wmwd.com/CustomerSupportPrograms.

Tips to Help You Save Water Around Your Home and Business

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