Government Affairs

Western Municipal Water District (WMWD) works with public officials in all levels of government (federal, state, and local/municipal) to produce sensible and reasonable policies and regulations with regards to both clean drinking water and its own internal operations and affairs. While many of these policies directly affect the quality of the water that Western provides, some of these have more to do with upstream sources of water that is supplied to Riverside, for example from the Colorado River.

  1. Western's Legislative Principles
  2. Western's Top Legislative Priorities
  3. Western's Federal Legislative Priorities
  4. Western's State Legislative  Priorities

While many of our legislative priorities at the federal and state levels of government phase in and out of relevance depending on what issues are pertinent and need to be addressed, one thing that does not change is the approach we take with regards to our advocacy for these policies. While we do update it from time to time, our Legislative Policy Platforms and Principles generally serve as a set of guidelines in understanding and formulating federal and state policy proposals, and deciding which policies are beneficial to our ratepayers.

View Western’s Legislative Policy Platform and Principles (PDF)

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All of these are subject to change following redistricting efforts.

Riverside County Board of Supervisors

First District
Karen Spiegel
Second District

Chuck Washington
Third District

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California State Senate

32nd District
31st District

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California State Assembly

Sabrina Cervantes
58th District
Bill Essayli
63rd District

Kate Sanchez
71st District
Corey Jackson
60th District

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United States House of Representatives

California's 39th Congressional District

California's 41st Congressional District
California's 48th Congressional District

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