Solar Power System

Solar plant at WRCRWA

Solar Power System at WRCRWA

The Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Authority (WRCRWA), which is governed via a Joint Powers Authority and managed by Western, has more than 5,000 solar panels at the authority’s wastewater treatment plant that will provide up to one megawatt of energy during peak energy use hours. WRCRWA is committed to utilizing renewable energy sources to help lower the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.  


  • The system provides one megawatt of energy, which is enough to power more than 200 homes per year.
  • There are more than 5,000 solar panels covering nine acres.
  • Solar panels track the sun, increasing sunlight capture by up to 30 percent more than conventional fixed-tilt systems.
  • At its peak, the solar panels will provide 25 percent of the power needed to operate the wastewater treatment plant.


  • Helps reduce the authority’s energy costs as the price of electricity increases in the years to come
  • Increases the reliability of the plant and protects the region against power outages by relieving the
    burden on the California electrical grid during peak demand
  • Lowers the amount of greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere by utilizing a renewable energy source

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