Direct Waste Generator

Inland Brine Line Connection
Direct discharges are generators of industrial waste who qualify to discharge to the Inland Brine Line (SARI) system and are close enough to the SARI line to construct a direct connection lateral between their facility and the SARI line in order to discharge waste directly.

How to Become a Direct Generator
Complete the Direct Connection Permit Application. You must describe:
  • Amount of flow
  • Location of business
  • The type and quality of waste you desire to discharge
  • Type of process that is generating the industrial waste flow
  • Wastewater pretreatment (if any)

If you have any trouble completing the application, check out our detailed instructions for the direct connection permit. Submit the completed application, along with a laboratory analysis of a sample from the proposed discharge, to: Western Municipal Water District 14205 Meridian Pkwy.
Riverside, CA 92518
Permit Process & Validation
A representative from Western will visit your business. These visits are designed to confirm responses in the application and to clarify any outstanding concerns that Western or you may have.
If the waste flow can be accepted, you will be issued a SARI discharge permit. The permit includes terms and conditions related to discharging to the SARI system. Included in the permit are sampling requirements that stipulate what flow constituents you are to test and the frequency of testing and reporting.

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If you have any questions or concerns, or for fees and rates, don't hesitate to contact us at 951.571.7100.

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