Investment Reports

Western Municipal Water District invests monies that are not needed for immediate use in accordance with California State Government Codes and the District’s Investment Policy.  The overriding objectives of the District’s investment program are to preserve principal, provide sufficient liquidity, and manage investment risk, while seeking a market-rate of return.  The most recent quarterly report prepared by the District’s investment manager, Chandler Asset Management, is available here.  This report provides an economic update, a “compliance with investment policy” page, investment portfolio characteristics, portfolio performance, and a comprehensive listing of holdings.

The District’s Investment Policy is available by clicking the “Financial Policies” link on the left side of this webpage.

For the Voluntary Employee Benefit Association (VEBA) Trust, the most recent quarterly report is available here. Investments in the VEBA Trust are dedicated to fund the District's retiree medical benefit obligation.

Prior quarterly reports for both the District's & VEBA Trust's investment portfolios are available upon request from the District by calling (951) 571-7100.