Other Benefits

9/80 Work Schedule
Western employees have the opportunity to enjoy a 9/80 work schedule, working nine hour days and one eight hour day in a two-week period. The work schedule will be mutually agreed upon between the employee and the supervisor/manager. 

Direct Deposit 
Employees may have their pay electronically transferred to up to five checking and five savings accounts.

Credit Union 
Western employees are eligible to join Altura Credit Union, which has branches located throughout Riverside County.

Education Reimbursement

Voluntary Education 
After completing the probationary period and achieving regular status, employees may be reimbursed for reasonable costs for tuition, registration fees, books and one-way mileage for educational courses related to District employment.  Reimbursement is subject to availability of budgeted funds and certain conditions detailed in the MOU and COU.

Employee Recognition

BEST Program

The BEST Program recognizes achievements that are obtained primarily through the employee’s own initiative and creativity offering the District an opportunity to realize betterment, efficiency, sustainability and teamwork in its business processes and financial integrity.

PACE Program
The PACE Program provides a method for recognizing employees who have demonstrated efforts toward developing best in business processes and ultimately, propel the organization toward becoming leading-edge; in sync with the District’s vision. Employees nominated for this exemplary recognition consistently demonstrate Pride, Achievement, Creativity and Enthusiasm in their leadership and work ethics.


Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA)
Western provides all employees an annual cost of living adjustment. Details of the cost of living adjustment are provided in the MOU and COU.

Longevity Pay
The District provides longevity pay to certain employees who have completed five or more years of continuous service. Refer to the MOU or COU for detailed criteria and amounts of longevity pay.