Unclaimed Monies

The District has accumulated unclaimed money as a result of customer refunds relating to the closing of water accounts, customer-related conservation rebates, refunds of deposits to developers upon completion of projects, etc. These amounts remain outstanding due to being returned undeliverable without a forwarding address, companies closing, filing bankruptcies, or for various other reasons.

In an effort to locate these customers/developers, the District has supplied a listing of unclaimed money. To claim an amount shown on this list, customers/developers must download and submit an Unclaimed Money Claim Form.

Any claimant, as person, heir, beneficiary or duly-appointed representative who can substantiate a claim upon any portion of these funds must submit a claim in writing to Western Municipal Water District before the above mentioned date. The claim must include the claimant’s name, address, amount of claim, and the grounds on which the claim is founded. Each claim will be reviewed and verified by the District prior to release of unclaimed money. Claims should be addressed to: Western Municipal Water District, Attention: Amanda Eom, 14205 Meridian Parkway, Riverside, CA 92518.

A claim form can be printed from the District’s website at www.wmwd.com. Type “unclaimed money” in the search field and the link for the Unclaimed Money Claim Form will be listed.