North Well Enhanced Water Quality Treatment

Ensuring the safety and reliability of Murrieta’s water supply through cleaning, testing and monitoring   


Western Water serves nearly 3,000 households and businesses via 54.2 miles of water lines in Murrieta. We import water and secure locally sourced groundwater, blending and testing the two, to deliver the highest quality water possible. As such, we continue to invest in local water sources to provide long-term rate stability to our customers.

Western Water is working in the Murrieta area to address the ongoing water discoloration challenges in our groundwater sourced from the North Well located at the corner of Vineyard Parkway and Kentucky Derby Way. 

Although water produced by the North Well meets all state and federal water quality and public health standards, it has been shown by extensive sampling that iron and manganese can accumulate in the groundwater systems, which can then result in noticeable color changes in the water delivered to some customers.


  • 12-step pipeline cleaning by zone
  • Wellhead treatment construction: filtration to minimize the concentration of iron and manganese entering the system

North Well treatment construction

Updated filtration technology Groundwater in Murrieta has low levels of naturally occurring iron and manganese, which can result in noticeable color changes in the water delivered to some customers.

At North Well, Western Water is installing advanced wellhead treatment that will use greensand filtration to further filter out iron and manganese from your local water supply. 

These improvements will boost aesthetic water quality and minimize the likelihood of future incidents of discolored water in the distribution system.


North Well Timeline graphicMurrieta residents can expect minimal construction impacts. Normal construction noise may be present during construction working hours. Residents can expect to see Western Water crew members, trucks, and heavy machinery in and around the North Well project site along Vineyard Parkway and Kentucky Derby Way.

Among changes to the interior well site and specific machinery, Western Water will be planting new landscaping to soften the presence of the equipment in the residential area. Once complete, residents will notice a new landscape placed to beautify the site and offer a natural screening of the new advanced treatment equipment added to the site.

North Well image

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