Report Water Theft

Illegal Hydrant Tapping – Water Theft 

Hydrant Multiple reports and sightings of illegal water extraction from hydrants in the Gavilan Hills area have been noted. Because most of the extractions have not been metered, it is assumed that no backflow prevention device was utilized, which increases the probability for harmful water contamination.

Illegal hydrant tapping increases the risk for “water hammer” to occur and can break and create costly damage to our reliable water system.  
Western is committed to providing a safe, local water supply to all customers in its service area. The need to end hydrant tapping activities is necessary in order to eliminate the possibility for contamination, in addition to protecting the District’s resources.

  • Western takes water theft seriously. Stealing water is illegal and is considered a criminal offense; violators can be arrested, jailed and/or be required to pay fines.
  • Western in partnership with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department will patrol the area where the theft is occurring on a regular basis. 
  • Hydrant tapping without the use of a backflow prevention device can increase the chances for contamination, which poses a risk for harming customers.
  • Stealing water is not only a crime, but also it poses serious contamination risks to Western’s water supply and can cause expensive damage to Western’s water delivery system. Additionally, Western’s customers must absorb the cost of stolen water through higher rates.
Have you witnessed water theft? Call Western at 951-571-7100.

 Customers who do not have access to water at their home are encouraged to call Western at the number listed above and discuss with Western’s Development Services Division legal options to obtain water, including hooking up to hydrant meter and getting water service to their property.